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Sizzling China provides a great selection of all your Chinese favourites. Sizzling China is recognized as the ultimate in collection and takeout Chinese. At Sizzling China enjoy a wide variety of delicious Chinese ready to be delivered to you.

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273 Eversholt Street
Camden, NW11BA

Popular Dishes


deep fried tender pork ribs in a bbq sauce



deep fried in special batter with onion, green pepper and pineapple in our special sweet and sour sauce


stir fried with bean sprout, and onion in a light crystal sauce


famous chinese style omelette with bean sprout and onion


marinated and pan fried in a light egg and corn flour coating, topped with lime and a lemon custard sauce

Sizzling China's Reviews

779 reviews


  • It was the only restaurant open at 3am worst sloppy disguising food I’ve ever had 10x worse than a ready meal. I don’t think the chef knows where China is. Cumber was cut in qtrs chilli shredded beef was in sweet and sour awful sauce. I wish I could upload the pictures to show how bad it really was.


  • Food is not even edible! None of the food seemed freshly cooked and almost already off after a few hours of receiving them. Called them up and complained. Totally unacceptable cooking!


  • food didn’t taste good at all


  • [RESUBMITTED]Oh god. I’ve literally never seen or tasted anything like it. Luminous pink hideousness described as crispy shredded chicken. It was soggy balls of batter drenched in an artificial, sweet sauce. First time I’ve ever had to bin a whole order. It’s a shame as the delivery guy was lovely but I have to stress that this food is completely inedible. Worst Chinese I’ve ever seen or tasted.


  • very below average chinese


  • they forgot my chips


  • Food was horrible. Looked like pre-cooked meat doused in food colouring and flour, with 3 out of 4 dishes being completely inedible. This is on top of the fact that the portion size being really small as well (not that we wanted more of it). Definitely would not recommend.


  • 1 hr late


  • food was 1h late, messed up order, missing item ... this place is joke! never order from here ... AVOID


  • do not I repeat do not order from here. They never have the food you’ve ordered plus they brought slimmy prawn toast with for that smelt and tasted ransid


  • absolutely disgusting do not order from here


  • the order failed to deliver on time


  • it made order at 2 am and i have received order at 2.45 am driver waiting outside for 10 min to get hold on me.the food was warm and delicious thanks to sizzling china


  • Never even turned up


  • Did not even bring full order and ripped me off absolutely not happy